Why Study Evolution?

source: Wikipedia-evolution page

What have I learned about the gospel from studying evolution?

Surprisingly… to myself… a huge amount…

It has broadened my perspective and understanding of many fundamental doctrines and concepts.

For example:

If we take 3 of the most basic principles (which science has uncovered) upon which evolution operates:



and Inheritance/Heredity.

We find that these are similar to the 3 most basic principles (which God has revealed) upon which Agency operates:



and Accountability/Consequences

I will develop these and other comparisons in future posts, but what these comparisons boil down to is that when we delve a little deeper into the scriptures we find a lot of similarities between spiritual and physical processes.
I think these comparisons are beneficial in that they help us to comprehend God and his dealings with us. These dealings can seem a little abstract at times and having tangible processes to equate them to makes them easier to grasp.


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